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The Boy From Oz

Music: Peter Allen
Lyrics: Peter Allen
Book: Martin Sherman, from an original book by Nick Enright

Starring: Hugh Jackman

The Boy From Oz is a musical biography of Australian musician Peter Allen, derived from Allen's works.


Act I[]

This is a summary of act I.

Act II[]

This is a summary of act II.


The Broadway production of The Boy From Oz was directed by Philip Wm. McKinley, with choreography by Joey McKneely.

Song List[]

  • The Lives of Me: Peter
  • When I Get My Name In Lights: Boy & Ensemble
  • When I Get My Name In Lights (Reprise): Peter
  • Love Crazy: Announder, Chris, Peter & Ensemble
  • All I Wanted Was The Dream: Judy
  • Only An Older Woman: Judy, Peter, Chris & Mark
  • Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do): Peter & Liza
  • Don’t Wish too Hard: Judy
  • Come Save Me: Liza & Peter
  • Continental American: Peter, Trick, Girl & Ensemble
  • She Loves To Hear The Music: Liza & Ensemble
  • Quiet Please, There’s a Lady on Stage: Peter, Judy & Ensemble
  • I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love: Liza & Peter
  • Not The Boy Next Door: Peter & Trio
  • Bi-Coastal: Peter & Trio
  • If You Were Wondering: Peter & Greg
  • Everything Old is New Again: Peter & Ensemble
  • Everything Old is New Again (Reprise): Marion, Dee & Greg
  • Love Don’t Need A Reason: Peter & Greg
  • I Honestly Love You: Greg
  • You and Me: Liza & Peter
  • I Still Call Australia Home: Peter, Trio & Ensemble
  • Don’t Cry Out Loud: Marion
  • Once Before I Go: Peter
  • I Go To Rio: Peter & Company

Character List[]

Peter Allen: Hugh Jackman
Liza Minnelli: Stephanie J. Block
Marion Woolnough: Beth Fowler
Judy Garland: Isabel Keating
Greg Connell: Jarrod Emick
Young Peter: Mitchell David Federan
Dick Woolnough: Michael Mulheren
Dee Anthony: Michael Mulheren

These actors played the characters in the original Broadway production.