Les Misérables

Music: Claude-Michel Schönberg
Lyrics: Alain Boublil

Opened: October 8, 1985
At: Barbican Theatre, London
Starring: Colm Wilkinson, Roger Allam, Michael Ball, Frances Ruffelle
Tony Awards

  • Best Musical
  • Best Book of a Musical
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical (Michael Maguire)
  • Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical (Frances Ruffelle)
  • Best Scenic Design of a Musical
  • Best Lighting Design of a Musical
  • Best Direction of a Musical

Les Misérables is a production, and this is a general overview of that production.


Act I[]

This is a summary of act I.

Act II[]

This is a summary of act II.


Original London Cast
Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean
Roger Allam as Javert
Patti LuPone as Fantine
Clive Carter as Bamatabois/Grantaire
Ian Calvin as Fauchelevent/Babet
Zoe Hart/Jayne O'Mahony/Joanne Woodcock as Young Cosette
Alun Armstrong as Thenardier
Susan Jane Tanner as Madame Thenardier
Danielle Akers/Gillian Brander/Juliette Caton as Young Eponine
Ian Hayden/Oliver Spencer/Ian Tucker as Gavroche
Frances Ruffelle as Eponine
Keith Burns as Montparnasse
Dave Willetts as Brujon
Colin Marsh as Claquesous
Michael Ball as Marius
Rebecca Caine as Cosette
Paul Leonard as Combeferre
Gary Huddlestone as Feuilly
Craig Pinder as Courfeyrac
David Burt as Enjolras
Christopher Beck as Joly
Ken Caswell as Lesgles
Peter Polycarpou as Jean Prouvaire

Song List[]

Prologue: Work Song ~Jean Valjean, Javert, Convicts
Prolouge: On Parole ~Jean Valjean, Farmer, Labourer, Bishop
Prologue: Valjean Arrested/ Valjean Forgiven ~Bishop, Constables
Prologue: What Have I Done/Valjean's Soliloquy ~Jean Valjean
At the End of the Day ~Fantine, Jean Valjean, Foreman, Workers
I Dreamed a Dream ~Fantine
Lovely Ladies ~Fantine, Old Woman, Pimp, Sailors, Prostitutes
Fantine's Arrest ~Fantine, Bamatabois, Javert, Jean Valjean
The Runaway Cart ~Jean Valjean, Fauchelevent, Javert, Onlookers
Who Am I ~Jean Valjean
Fantine's Death ~Fantine, Jean Valjean
The Confrontation ~Jean Valjean, Javert
Castle on a Cloud ~Young Cosette, Madame Thenardier
Master of the House ~Thenardier, Madame Thenardier
The Bargain/Waltz of Treachery ~Jean Valjean, Thenardier, Madame Thenardier
Look Down ~Gavroche, Enjolras, Marius, Beggars
The Robbery/Javert's Intervention ~Thenardier, Madame Thenardier, Jean Valjean, Eponine, Marius, Javert
Stars ~Javert, Gavroche
Eponine's Errand ~Eponine, Marius
ABC Cafe/Red and Black ~Enjolras, Marius, Grantaire, Combeferre, Feuilly, Courfeyrac, Joly, Gavroche, Students
Do You Hear the People Sing ~Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Students, Ensemble
In My Life ~Cosette, Jean Valjean, Marius, Eponine
A Heart Full of Love ~Marius, Cosette, Eponine
Attack on Rue Plumet ~Thenardier, Montparnasse, Brujon, Babet, Claquesous, Eponine, Marius, Jean Valjean, Cosette
One Day More ~Full Cast
Building the Barricade/Eponine's Delivery ~Enjolras, Javert, Jean Prouvaire, Grantaire, Lesgles, Marius, Eponine, Jean Valjean
On My own ~Eponine
At the Barricade ~Enjolras, Marius, Grantaire, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Army Officer, Students
Javert's Arrival/Little People ~Javert, Enjolras, Gavroche, Grantaire, Jean Prouvaire, Courfeyrac
A Little Fall of Rain ~Marius, Eponine
Night of Anguish ~Enjolras, Marius, Combeferre, Jean Prouvaire, Lesgles
First Attack ~Enjolras, Joly, Jean Valjean, Jean Prouvaire, Grantaire, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Javert, Lesgles, Sentries
Drink With Me ~Enjolras, Feuilly, Jean Prouvaire, Joly, Grantaire, Marius, Ensemble
Bring Him Home ~Jean Valjean
Dawn of Anguish ~Enjolras
Second Attack/Gavroche's Death ~Enjolras, Feuilly, Marius, Jean Valjean, Gavroche, Lesgles and Joly (or Grantaire)
The Final Battle ~Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Army Officer
Dog Eats Dog ~Thenardier
The Sewers ~Jean Valjean, Javert
Javert's Suicide ~Javert
Turning ~Ensemble Women
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables ~Marius
Every Day ~Cosette, Marius, Jean Valjean
Valjean's Confession ~Jean Valjean, Marius
The Wedding ~Marius, Thenardier, Madame Thenardier
Beggars at the Feast ~Thenardier, Madame Thenardier
Epilogue ~Jean Valjean, Cosette, Marius, Fantine, Eponine, Ensemble

Character List[]

Jean Valjean (Tenor)

The leading man of Les Misérables, was convicted to nineteen years of prison after stealing a loaf of bread to support his family and repeatedly resisting arrest. After his release, he meets the Bishop of Digne, a kindly man who gifts him his treasured silver candlesticks thus leading Valjean to reform his life. From this introduction, we see him become of the benevolent mayor of a small town for many years, only to be discovered by the ardent investigator and his former parole officer, Javert. This event sets the course of the musical's plot as Valjean evades Javert through various means. Along the way he adopts the destitute Fantine's daughter Cosette in an act of kindness, dedicating his life to her protection, and later risks his well-being for her lover Marius at the barricades. He is strong, good-hearted, and forgiving.

Javert (Baritone)

The main antagonist, a very ardent and dedicated police investigator who tails Valjean throughout the musical and will not rest until he is captured. He is eventually led to suicide in a flurry of confusion and guilt. He plays opposite Valjean, valuing only the law, justice, and his personal philosphy, making no exceptions for anyone and showing little compassion.

Fantine (Mezzo)

A young woman who loses her job, is forced into prostitution, and eventually loses her life as a result. Feeling he has done wrong to this woman by letting her be fired, Valjean takes her child Cosette into his care.

Young Cosette (Soprano)

The younger version of Cosette, a mistreated and desperate girl in the care of the Thenardiers.

Cosette (Soprano)

The daughter of Fantine, now in the care of Jean Valjean and rather well cared for. She falls in love with Marius at first sight, and later goes on to marry him at the end of the show. She is sweet, feminine, and naïve, yet intelligent and aware of the world's dangers.

Thenardier (Character Baritone/Tenor)

The terrible, conniving innkeeper and conman who fosters Cosette, often considered the "true villain" of Les Misérables. He is the biological father of Eponine, and an infamous criminal with many connections. He is also the comic relief of the musical, and his vile and cynical nature is often played upon as a joke.

Madame Thenardier (Character Mezzo)

The wife of Thenardier, equally as conniving and nasty as her husband. Very big and over-the-top, a manipulator.

Eponine (Mezzo)

The young, street-smart daughter of the Thenardiers, and in a deep secret love with Marius. She goes to great lengths to try to earn his respect and attention, and eventually dies in his arms at the barricades. She is tough, witty, and courageous, yet lonely, sensitive and self-depricating.

Marius (Baritone/Tenor)

A young, rich student who is a member of Les Amis de l'ABC, the group of student revolutionaries trying to cure France of it's current state through political rallies and eventually a short-lived series of battles on barricades. He falls in love with Cosette at first sight, and later goes on to marry her at the end of the show. He is completely unaware of Eponine's affections throughout the show until she dies in his arms at the barricades. He is romantic and idealistic, yet brave and compassionate.

Enjolras (Baritone/Tenor)

The young, idealistic and stern leader of Les Amis de l'ABC. He is very adamant in his ideas of revolution, and will stop at nothing to aid the people of France. He goes on to die at the barricades alongside his fellow student revolutionaries, and is often depicted falling off of or dangling from the barricade with the red revolutionary flag draped over his body. He is brave, handsome, determined and steadfast in his beliefs, yet overly idealistic, inexperienced, and single-minded.

Gavroche (Boy Soprano)

A young street urchin who takes a liking to Les Amis and dies collecting ammo for them at the barricade. Though it is never mentioned in the musical, he is the bastard son of the Thenardiers. He is a clever, street-smart and Robin Hood-like figure who plays a very endearing role in the show.

Grantaire (Baritone/Tenor)

A member of Les Amis de l'ABC. A very cynical young alcoholic who claims to believe in nothing, yet still fights and dies at the barricades due to his admiration and undying devotion towards Enjolras, as Enjolras has the hope and will that he lacks, and inspires him to take action. Some productions also establish a relationship between Grantaire and Gavroche, making Gavroche's death at the barricade the final break in Grantaire's cynicism, causing him to abandon everything and rush to his death on the barricade. Others present Enjolras' death in The Final Battle as the cause of this break. Grantaire is cynical, drunken, and nihilistic, yet witty, well-spoken, and endless in his admiration for Enjolras.

Combeferre (Baritone/Tenor)

The second in command of Les Amis de l'ABC, considered the group's Guide. He is philosophical, compassionate and a strong believer in natural human rights. He dies at the barricade alongside his fellow student revolutionaries.

Courfeyrac (Baritone/Tenor)

The third in command of Les Amis de l'ABC, considered the group's emotional Centre, as he is the most socially savvy and has a knack for dealing with people. A very warm and compassionate yet politically focused young man who supports Marius financially.

Feuilly (Baritone/Tenor)
Joly (Baritone/Tenor)
Jean Prouvaire (Baritone/Tenor)
Lesgles (Baritone/Tenor)
Bishop of Digne (Baritone)
Brujon (Baritone/Tenor)
Babet (Baritone/Tenor)
Montparnasse (Baritone/Tenor)
Claquesous (Baritone/Tenor)

Amateur Productions[]

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