The Leading Player is a character from the musical Pippin. Acting as the narrator of the show, s/he performs many songs and is in almost every scene. S/he might be somewhat evil, but not really, simply wanting the show to go on. Of course, s/he strongly encourages the extreme climax at the end of the show, which involves Pippin committing suicide by fire. However, when Pippin accuses the troupe of choosing him as a sacrifice to Satan, s/he uses his lawsuit against satanism as a pretense to fire him from the show along with Catherine and Theo, who also side with the protagonist himself.

Of important note, the Leading Player is one of Broadway's few lead roles which is completely genderless. It can be played by an actor or actress without any alteration in the show.

Musical Numbers

"Magic to Do"


"Simple Joys"

"On the Right Track"