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Guys and Dolls

Opened: November 24, 1950
At: 46th Street Theatre

Awards: 1951 Tony Award

  • Best Musical

Guys and Dolls is a production, and this is a general overview of that production.


Act I[]

This is a summary of act I.

Act II[]

This is a summary of act II.


1950 Original Broadway Cast[]

  • Nathan Detroit: Sam Levene
  • Miss Adelaide: Vivian Blaine
  • Sky Masterson: Robert Alda
  • Sister Sarah Brown: Isabel Bigley
  • Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Stubby Kaye
  • Arvide Abernathy: Pat Rooney
  • Big Jule: B. S. Pully
  • Harry The Horse: Tom Pedi
  • Benny Southstreet: Johnny Silver

1976 Motown Cast Recording[]

  • Nathan Detroit: Robert Guillaume
  • Miss Adelaide: Norma Donaldson
  • Sky Masterson: James Randolph
  • Sister Sarah Brown: Ernestine Jackson
  • Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Ken Page
  • Arvide Abernathy: Emmet "Babe" Wallace
  • Big Jule: Walter White
  • Harry The Horse: John Russle
  • Benny Southstreet: Christopher Pierre

1992 Broadway Revival Cast[]

  • Nathan Detroit: Nathan Lane
  • Miss Adelaide: Faith Prince
  • Sky Masterson: Peter Gallagher
  • Sister Sarah Brown: Josie de Guzman
  • Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Walter Bobbie
  • Arvide Abernathy: John Carpenter
  • Big Jule: Herschel Sparber
  • Harry The Horse: Ernie Sabella
  • Benny Southstreet: J.K. Simmons

Song List[]


Character List[]

This is a description of the character above.

Amateur Productions[]

This is a place to list community, high school, semi-professional, etc. productions, along with the dates.