Good News

Music: Ray Henderson

  • B.G. Desylva
  • Lew Brown


  • B.G. Desylva
  • Laurence Schwab

Opened: September 6, 1927
At: Chanin's 46th Street Theatre

  • John Price Jones
  • Mary Lawlor
  • Inez Courtney

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Act I[]

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Act II[]

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Song List[]

Good News (song) ~Students
He's a Ladies Man ~The Women
Button Up Your Overcoat ~Babe & Bobby
Together/My Lucky Star ~Kenyon, Connie & Coach
On the Campus ~Students
The Best Things in Life are Free ~Connie & Tom
You're the Cream in my Coffee ~Coach & Kenyon
Varsity Drag ~Babe & Chorus
Lucky in Love ~Tom, Connie, Pat, Babe, Bobby & Chorus
Today's the Day ~Pat, Mille, Flo & Girls
The Girl of the Pi Beta Phi ~Pat, Mille, Flo & Girls
Never Swat a Fly ~Bobby & Babe
Tait Song ~Cheerleaders & Students
Just Imagine ~Connie
Keep Your Sunny Side Up ~Pooch & the Men
Life if Just a Bowl of Cherries ~Kenyon, Babe & Connie
The Varsity Drag (reprise) ~Full company

Character List[]

Tom Marlowe (High baritone)
The star fullback at Tait College, a small northeastern campus. Tom is a handsome, intelligent young man, whose expertise on the football field and whose personal charisma have made him the most popular man on campus.
Connie Lane (Mezzo)
An intensely studious young woman with no interest in football. Connie is a lovely coed who has energy and humor, but who is intent on her studies and not at all interested in campus frivolity and fads.
Coach Bill Johnson
A good-humored, likeable football coach, who was a football star at Tait College a few years ago, before returning to coach the team. Not quite as trim as he was earlier, he is nevertheless an attractive, approachable guy, determined to finally see a Tait team beat their tradition rival, Colton.
Professor Charlotte Kenyon (Alto)
An attractive professional woman, who has returned to her alma mater as the new professor of astronomy. Her looks haven't changed at all since her student days at Tait. She has a forthright, charming personality, but she is not easily swayed from the strong opinions she holds.
Babe O'Day
A vivacious flapper, easily in control of any situation she encounters.
Bobby Randall (Tenor)
A likeable wimp, the perennial thiurd-string substitute on the football team, desperate to be the "big man on campus."
Pooch Kearney (High baritone/tenor)
The trainer for the Tait football team.
Beef Saunders
A hulking brute on the football team, with an I.Q. that is significantly lower than his body temperature.
Patricia ("Pat") Bingham
A beautiful, wealthy coed who has always had everything she has ever wanted, including campus hero Tom Marlowe.
Mille & Flo
Two comic coeds, likeable sidekicks to Pat.
The ultimate freshman, eager to be a part of any important event on campus.

Amateur Productions[]

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild - Eau Claire, Wisconsin - April 26-29, 2007