Ever After High is an upcoming Broadway musical and an adaptation of the story line based on a fashion doll franchise released by Mattel in July 2013 and upon the characters from fairy tales and fantasy stories.

This musical will be in the longest-ever development for a couple of years to find it's musical directors, costume designers and an author with a Book, Music & Lyrics ever since the cancellation of the web-series and specials which may had sadden all the fans' hearts in despair, but the franchise and the book series may still continue on for further new releases.


After the loss of his beloved father and was soon reunited with his long lost family, Joseph Hook has a chance to become a returning older student to find his true identity and accept his fate, in order to make things right on his new journey and show everyone who he is and how he becomes one of the students at Ever After High once again.

As well as becoming an unlikely protector to Apple White, who suddenly lost her passionable way of becoming the next Snow White when she discovered her mother's tragic secret, the opposite duo have no choice but to partner up together to speak out each other's heartfelt backstories to feel the Christmas spirit deep inside their hearts and must confront and escort the missing son of the legendary Saint Nicholas who struggles to put his haunted past behind him after he sadly fled from his kingdom, especially his family who he soon wishes to be reunited with.