Elphaba Thropp is the main character in the Broadway show Wicked . She is based off of the Wicked Witch of the West from "The Wizard of Oz", but the story was changed; in the new story, Elphaba is a green skinned witch, with a dream no bigger than meeting the Wizard. This story takes the form of a fractured fairytale, making Elphaba the main protagonist of the story rather than the villain. After coming to Shiz, she meets Galinda Upland, the Good Witch of the South, and the two hate each other, but later become best friends. Elphaba has a talent for magic, making her teacher, Madame Morrible, like her.


Idina Menzel as Elphaba in the OBC cast of Wicked (2003)

Elphaba meets care-free, fun-loving, and initially annoying Fiyero, who almost runs her over with his 'car', which is more like a bike, being driven by a friend of his. Elphaba quickly dislikes him, and wants nothing to do with Fiyero aside from waking him up, and yelling at him. But Elphaba soon likes Fiyero, after Galinda lets the two meet properly.  

The next day, Elphaba sees Fiyero, and talks to him. Her teacher, an animal named Dr. Dillamond, is kicked out of his job, and the new teacher tries to take a lion cub's power to speak as part of an experiment. Elphaba saves the lion cub, and befriends Fiyero, and later falls in love with him. She then goes to meet the Wizard, and lets Galinda, who has changed her name to Glinda in an attempt to have Fiyero notice her again, come. But she finds out that the Wizard is evil, and taking the animals' power to speak.

Elphaba is tricked by the Wizard to create flying monkeys which he plans to use as spies. She then takes his spell book, which is written in a way almost no one can read even after ages of trying, yet Elphaba could read at first sight, and runs. As vengeance, the Wizard spreads the rumor that she's 'Wicked' and turns the public against her. When she learns of Fiyero's supposed death, she finally embraces her reputation of a villain. However, when she realizes that Fiyero has in fact survived, Elphaba acknowledges the mistakes she has made in her life, and decides to get a fresh start outside of Oz. She uses a spell to give herself wings, runs away, and fights the Wizard. Near the end of the play, Elphaba says a tearful goodbye to Glinda, both saying that the other were the only true friend they ever had, and is melted.  

Yet at the very end of the play she comes out of a trap door, and runs away from Oz with Fiyero, who has now been turned into a scarecrow. 


Elphaba is shy, brave, feisty, hates the rules, smart, sassy, easily angered, yet also kind and loyal. She cares about the rights of herself and others. And about her friendship with Glinda, she loves to read and to learn things. She is also a child of two worlds, so her magical potential is very high, she also loves animals. Because she was born with Green skin, Elphaba has always felt out of place as people become scared at the sight of her, but she wants to make her father proud. She also cares for Nessa Rose her sister.

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