Dog Man: The Musical is a production based on the worldwide bestselling series from Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants.


Best buds George and Harold have been creating comics for years, but now that they’re in 5th grade, they figure it's time to level up and write a musical based on their favorite character, Dog Man, the crime-biting sensation who is part dog, part man, and ALL HERO!! How hard could it be?

With the head of a dog and the body of a policeman, Dog Man loves to fight crime and chew on the furniture. But while trying his best to be a good boy, can he save the city from Flippy the cyborg fish and his army of Beasty Buildings? Can he catch Petey, the world’s most evil cat, who has cloned himself to exact revenge on the doggy do-gooder? And will George and Harold finish their show before lunchtime?? Find out in this epic musical adventure featuring the hilarity and heart of Dav Pilkey’s beloved characters.


Act I[]

The musical opens with George and Harold in their tree house thinking about their comic book Dog Man, and how they are in fifth grade. They think that they should level up and write a musical. The musical transitions to the city, and the people all happy in the city, with cops bringing robbers to justice except Petey, the world's most evilest cat ("The Opening Number").

Officer Knight, a strong cop, and Greg the Dog, a smart canine give the police Chief a butterfly fish named Flippy, and Supa Brain Dots because he is "very forgetful". That makes Chief mad. He puts away the Supa Brain Dots, and they fall into Flippy’s bowl... Officer Knight wonders if they could make Chief proud. Meanwhile, Petey is worried about Knight and Greg, together they could defeat. Petey spots Knight and Greg walking, and decides to kill them both with a bomb. Knight spots the bomb, and thinks that it would make Chief proud to defuse the bomb. Knight asks which wire to cut, Greg says to cut the green one, due to him being colorblind. The bomb explodes.

They arrive unconscious at the hospital, and Dr. Dookie, the Nurse, and the Surgeon discover that Knight's head is dying, and Greg's body is dying. The Nurse says that they should sew Knight’s head onto Greg’s body. Dr. Dookie accepts, and Dog Man is born ("Dog Man"). Dog Man captures Petey straight into Cat Jail. Flippy comes as a super brained fish. Dog Man chases Flippy up a cold mountain, and that freezes Flippy, dead in the fishbowl. Chief is happy, but Dog Man dances with him, which is really annoying for him. At Cat Jail, Petey is plotting to escape. Today is Big Jim's birthday, and the warden gave him balloons ("Revenge"). Petey escapes by floating away with Big Jim's balloons, and arrives in his lab. He decides to clone himself, but instead finds Lil' Petey, A good hearted young clone.

Back at C.O.P.S, Chief asks Dog Man to protect Flippy, who is being put under scientific research. Dog Man arrives at the center. At the center is Dr. Dookie, the nurse, the surgeon, and Sarah Hatoff, a star reporter. Sarah is worried that Dog Man will roll around in Flippy's dead body. Dog Man does so, causing the scientists to get really mad. The nurse suddenly says that they should "replace his smushed bones with bionics", and Dr. Dookie accepts again, and Supa-Mecha Flippy is born ("Cyber-Fish"). They leave Dog Man to guard Flippy, but a bird takes Flippy away, and he runs away in shame back to C.O.P.S.

In Petey's Secret Lab, Petey is working on a new robot named 80-HD, while Lil' Petey is singing a really annoying song ("Happy Song / 80-HD"). Petey gets fed up, and decides to give Lil' Petey away. The giveaway becomes a failure, and he abandons Lil' Petey. Lil' Petey walks with his crate sadly, and falls asleep on the doorstep of C.O.P.S. That evening, when Chief arrives again at C.O.P.S, Dog Man dances with him joyfully. Chief gets angry and sends him out for the night. Dog Man finds Lil' Petey and decides that he should give him away to someone. However, everyone who wants him would hurt Lil' Petey. Dog Man decides that he will adopt Lil' Petey ("The Perfect Mashup").

Act II[]

At Petey's secret lab, Petey is happy to have Lil' Petey gone. But soon he realizes that he loves Lil' Petey ("Without Me"). He sends 80-HD to find Lil' Petey, and bring him back to the lab. 80-HD takes Lil' Petey out of Dog Man's house and runs away. In the morning, Dog Man discovers that Lil' Petey is gone, and sets out to search for him with Chief. They put "Lost Kitty" posters all over the city. While making posters, they run past the living spray factory, where the bird that took Flippy, drops Flippy down into the building. Flippy comes out, but something is new- he's alive! The living spray gas spreads, and makes an army of Beasty Buildings, living monster buildings that obey Flippy. Flippy and his Beasty Buildings march towards the city, for revenge ("I'm Back").

Back at Petey's secret lab, Petey is happy to have Lil' Petey home. Lil' Petey wakes up to find Dog Man gone, but that doesn't matter to him. Lil' Petey just keeps on blabbing on about Dog Man, and drives Petey crazy. Petey decides to teach him some ABC's but however, they have to do with evil things. But Lil' Petey keeps on interrupting him about Dog Man, which makes it a complete failure ("The Evil ABC's"). Petey decides to try again, by showing his new robot, 80-HD, in robo-suit mode. He wants Lil' Petey to use it for evil, but instead Lil' Petey plays with it happily ("Robo-Dance Party").

In the city, Chief and Dog Man discover the Beasty Buildings coming towards them. Dog Man has an idea though, he rides a French Dressing truck and pours it over the road. That causes a lot of the buildings to slip, and break. Flippy gets angry and sends all the Beasty Buildings after them. Meanwhile, in Petey's secret lab, Lil' Petey is still partying with 80-HD, when he hears Dog Man cry for help. Lil' Petey runs out of the lab to save him, while Petey runs after him shouting "Wait! We're supposed to be the bad guys!". Dog Man and Chief are cornered, until Lil' Petey destroys all the buildings, and saves the day ("Dog Man is Go!").

Flippy, angry about the destruction of his Beasty Buildings, and throws Lil' Petey out of his sight. Petey and the others run quickly to save him. They arrive, finding 80-HD broken, and Lil' Petey in the robo-suit, still alive. Petey decides that he will go into the robo-suit and save Lil' Petey by sacrificing himself ("A Far, Far, Better Thing"). They quickly run away, then Flippy finds Petey and decides to drop him into the volcano near the city.

Meanwhile, the others hide in an art store saying "there is nothing we can do". However, Lil' Petey takes some paper and crayons, and makes a book for Flippy. Lil' Petey runs towards Flippy and keeps asking him "Why?" until he finds out that no one liked Flippy, and everyone bullied him. Lil' Petey gives him the book called My Friend Flippy. That softens Flippy's heart, and makes his evil mind powers leave. But that leaves Petey falling into the volcano. Dog Man needs to act fast, and he takes a hang glider and runs offstage. Meanwhile, Petey is nearing the edge of the volcano until Dog Man saves him ("A Far, Far, Better Reprise")! Flippy has to go to Fish Jail, but Flippy says he'll be happy in prison. Petey has to go back to Cat Jail, but he decides he will try to be a "better cat". George and Harold decide to end their show, and it's the happiest end ever. But Petey escapes again ("The Happy Ending")!

Cast & Crew[]

Original Off-Broadway Cast[]

Brian Owen Dog Man
Officer Knight
Greg the Dog
L.R. Davidson Lil' Petey
Beasty Building #1
80-HD Puppeteer
Jamie LaVerdiere Petey
Crystal Sha'nae Flippy
Sarah Hatoff
Forest VanDyke Chief
George Beard
Beasty Building #2
Big Jim
Dan Rosales Harold Hutchins
Dr. Dookie
Man with Pink Beard
Delivery Man
Prison Guard
Beasty Building #3
Kadrea Dawkins
Milo J. Marami

Original Off-Broadway Crew[]

  • Directed & Choreographed by: Jen Wineman
  • Book & Lyrics by: Kevin Del Aguila
  • Music by: Brad Alexander
  • Music Direction: Noah Teplin
  • Assistant Director/Choreographer: Candi Boyd-Kaitila
  • Orchestrations: Lloyd Kikoler
  • Scenic Design: Tim Mackabee
  • Costume Design: Heidi Leigh Hanson
  • Lighting Design: David Lander
  • Sound Design: Emma Wilk
  • Prop Design: Sarah Scholl Katie Melby
  • Puppet Design: James Ortiz
  • Production Stage Manager: Brendan O’Brien
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Brant Sennett
  • Artistic Director: Barbara Pasternack
  • Production Photography by Jeremy Daniel

North American Tour Cast[]

Note: Only the cast member's main character is listed.

Michael Doliner
Brandon Butorovich
Dog Man
Maya Jacobson
Olivia Mattsey
Lil' Petey
Keith Allen
Nick Zale
Jasmine Smith
Princess Sasha Victome
Donovan Woods
Christopher Cherry
Milo J. Marami
Cliff Sellers
Harold Hutchins

Original Off-Broadway Production (2019)[]

The musical was announced in early 2018, and production began in late 2018. The show began on June 28, 2019 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre, NYC. It was set to end on August 4th, but its run was extended to August 11. The cast would be easy for amateurs, due to the little people, tons of characters. It was a successful show, and received positive reviews from critics, that it extended its run. The show is written by Kevin Del Aguila and Brad Alexander, who collaborated on the Emmy-winning series Peg + Cat on PBS, TheaterWorksUSA’s Click, Clack, Moo and the upcoming Clifford The Big Red Dog on PBS and Amazon. Jen Wineman directs and choreographs.

North American Tour Production (2019-Present)[]

The US tour started on September 27, 2019. The show mostly toured to school groups in USA and Canada. However, in the school touring, there was no Act I and Act II. The show first came to theaters when it played at Queens Theatre, NYC on January 10, 2020 and had 5 performances. Usually there would be normal performances, and non-sensory performances, which was more silent and quiet. The musical features alternating casts, including Milo J. Marami, who was part of the ensemble in the original Off-Broadway performance.

Differences from the book[]

  • In the Book, Petey ordered a cloning machine because he needed a new butler just like him. In the Musical, He ordered one because he needed to double his efforts to match Dog Man after finding out that Dog Man is two cops in one.
  • The bit where Big Jim finds out that Petey gave him a gross present in the Litter Box is eliminated from the Musical.
  • The third step in the instructions for the cloning machine is changed from "Open the door to retrieve your clone" to "You'll know it's grown, When you hear that special tone, and say hello to your new clone!".
  • In the musical, Sarah Hatoff and Zuzu no longer have main roles.
  • The cloning machine to make Lil' Petey is called Insta' Clone, and not U Clone 'Em.
  • In the book, the Doctor and Dr. Dookie are 2 separate characters.
  • "Papa and Me" the book that Lil' Petey makes for Petey has many differences, with book to musical. However, "My Friend Flippy" is the exact same. Here are the differences, including:
    • "Papa and me are in the air" is now "Papa and me do cartwheels in the air"
    • "Papa and me go to our car" was changed to "Papa and me drive in the car"
    • "Look at papa's new invention" was changed to "Papa and me eat a spaghetti"
  • The man with the pink beard who tries to adopt Lil' Petey, was a couple with pink hair in the books.
  • 80-HD no longer has his own personality.
  • In the books, Petey tries to present 80-HD to Lil' Petey twice.
  • In the Musical, the Prison Guards and Big Jim notice that Petey is floating over the walls and realize that he's escaping. That is not shown in the book.
  • The two people that have jobs at the Living Spray Factory are eliminated from the Musical.
  • In Dog Man: Unleashed, it is two random cops who give Chief the Supa Brain Dots. In the Musical, It is Officer Knight and Greg the Dog who give Chief the Supa Brain Dots.
  • In the book, Chief gets mad because Knight and Greg sat on his new couch. In the musical, it is because they say he is "very forgetful".
  • In the book, Petey abandons Lil' Petey because he was in Petey's way, putting food on his head, and making tea with a fly swatter. In the musical, it is because he sings an annoying song.
  • Petey orders the cloning machine online in the books. In the musical, he orders it by phone.
  • In the book, Dog Man tells Sarah Hatoff that Lil' Petey is missing, but in the musical he tells Chief.


  • Dog Man
  • Lil' Petey
  • Petey
  • 80-HD
  • Chief
  • Flippy
  • George Beard
  • Harold Hutchins
  • Dr. Dookie
  • Nurse
  • Surgeon
  • Beasty Buildings
  • Sarah Hatoff
  • Zuzu
  • Officer Knight
  • Greg the Dog
  • Big Jim
  • Prison Guard
  • Delivery Man
  • Man with Pink Beard
  • Steve
  • Citizens of the City

Musical Numbers[]

Act I
  • Underture - Band
  • "The Opening Number" - Cast, Petey, George Beard, Harold Hutchins
  • "Dog Man" - Nurse, Dr. Dookie, Surgeon, Chief, Dog Man, Flippy, Petey, Cast
  • "Revenge" - Petey, Big Jim, Prison Guard, Lil' Petey, Delivery Man
  • "Cyber-Fish" - Nurse, Dr. Dookie, Sarah Hatoff
  • "Happy Song / 80-HD" - Lil' Petey, Petey
  • "The Perfect Mashup" - Lil' Petey, Dog Man, George, Harold, Man with Pink Beard
Act II
  • Outr'acte - Band
  • "Without Me" - Petey, Lil' Petey, Cast
  • "I'm Back" - Flippy, Beasty Buildings
  • "The Evil ABC's" - Petey, Lil' Petey
  • "Robo-Dance Party" - Lil' Petey, Petey, Cast
  • "Dog Man is Go!" - Dog Man, George, Harold, Chief, Beastly Buildings, Lil' Petey, Petey, Flippy, Cast
  • "A Far, Far, Better Thing" - Petey, Lil' Petey, Chief
  • "A Far, Far, Better Reprise" - Lil' Petey, Flippy, Chief, Dog Man, Petey, Steve, Cast
  • "The Happy Ending" - Lil' Petey, Flippy, Chief, Dog Man, Petey, Cast
  • Bows - Band


  • Lil' Petey and Flippy are portrayed by females, but referred to as males.
  • Zuzu, Sarah Hatoff's dog is merely a stuffed animal that the actor holds.
  • The musical's original Off-Broadway production was set to end on August 4, 2019, but was extended to August 11, 2019.
  • The musical is loosely based on Dog Man and Dog Man: Unleashed, but mostly based on Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties.
  • The show premiered at the Lucille Lortel Theatre, on Christopher Street, NYC.
  • The Playbill is not featured on, due to the fact that it's Off-Broadway.
  • The cast recorded the album after the show had ended.
  • Milo J. Marami, who was in the ensemble in the original production, portrays Harold Hutchins in the North American Tour.