Audrey II is the villain of the Musical Little Shop of Horrors. Audrey II came to earth to take over the world, starting in Skid Row in New York and spreading.

On 21st of Septermber of an undefined year Seymour Krelborn was walking through the wholesale flower district. He went to a place where he buys exotic cuttings for his hobby of raising strange plants. There was nothing unusual but after a total eclipse of the sun he found a random cutting of a strange fly trap which he buys for $1.95

He brings the plant back to where he works, Musknik's skid row flower shop. He cant find any references to the plant in any of his books so he names the new species of plant after the shop girl, Audrey. The plant draw attention to the flower shop but quickly starts going down in health and Seymour tries every trick he knows to work it back to health.

Eventually he discovers that Audrey II feeds on blood. Audrey II uses all of the attention Seymour is getting to convince him to continue feeding him. Eventually this gets to the point that he cant feed any more because he can’t lose any more blood.

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Audrey the human meanwhile is dating an abusive dentist Orin Scrivello. The plant when he realises Seymour wont feed his own blood anymore convinces Seymour to kill Orin for blood. Audrey II points out this would save Audrey from being beaten and would free her so Seymour could date her after all he was madly in love with her.

Later when Mr. Mushnik discovers what Seymour had done the plant convinces him to feed Mr. Mushnik so he wouldn’t turn him in. Meanwhile, the huge plant has attracted a crowd and media attention. Seymour doesn't want to feed Audrey II anymore, however it's the only reason his shop is still in business and he is so successful. But he eventually refuses to feed Audrey II and the plant takes revenge by eating Audrey.

Seymour tries unsuccessfully to save her. Audrey tells Seymour as she’s dying to feed her to the plant thinking if the plant lives it can give him success and happiness. Seymour about to attempt suicide is encountered by a man who took cuttings of Audrey II and plans to sell them. Seymour then realises the plant plans.

Seymour attempts revenge for Audrey and to kill to save the world. Seymour again is unsuccessful and is eaten by the plant. Who then starts taking over the rest of the world along with all the cuttings bought by unsuspecting people across America, and possibly though not stated the world.